Natur-Bag - Bolsa compostable de 18.5 "x 21"

Natur-Bag - 18.5" x 21" Compostable Shopper - Plastic Bag Partners-Compost Biodegradable Bags

Natur-Bag - Bolsa compostable de 18.5 "x 21"

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Bag Type : Compost Biodegradable Bags

Width: 18.5 in.
Length: 21 in.
Gauge: 0.9 Mil
Bags per Case: 500
Case Packed: 50/bundle
10 bundles/case

SKU: NT1075-X-00005
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Compost Biodegradable Bags

Natur-Bag - Bolsa compostable de 18.5 "x 21"

  • Bolsas de compras compostables
  • Certificado como compostable por el BPI (Instituto de Productos Biodegradables) y AIB-Vin ^ otte
  • Cumple con las especificaciones estándar ASTM D6400 y EN 13432 para plásticos compostables
  • Cumple con los requisitos de California AB 1972 (2008) / SB 567 (2011) y Minnesota HF 403 (2010)
  • No contiene polietileno ni otros plásticos no degradables
  • 20 bolsas / rollo
  • Vendido por caja de 500
Clear Plastic Bag Made in the USA
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Customer Reviews

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Tina Kimmel

Due to Covid-19 concerns, grocery stores will no longer fill (or help with) used bags brought from home. So my house is filling up with unrecyclable plastic bags :-(

I asked my local Grocery Outlet if I could bring in my own new grocery bags, and ask the checkout staff to fill them instead. They agreed.

So I searched online for compostable grocery bags and found these Natur-Bag 18.5" x 21" Compostable Shoppers. They appeared affordable and large enough. I was only concerned (from their mere 0.9 mils of thickness) that they wouldn't be strong enough to be single-bagged, but I bought a box of 500 for an experiment. When they arrived I was delighted.

Today the store staff used 19 of them, single-bagged. WOW! They are incredibly strong! This is a complete success. The used bags are super useful around the house, and when I finally throw them away I won't feel guilty. I will encourage the store manager to offer them to other shoppers.

Thank you!

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