Magnetic Hold Impulse Sealer

AIE (American International Electric INC.) is the leading manufacturer, developer and supplier of quality plastic bag and film sealing equipment worldwide. All sealers are manufactured in ISO-9001 Certified facilities.

  • Magnetic Hold Impulse Sealer for reliable and efficient sealing
  • Features a magnetic hold mechanism for a tight and secure seal
  • Compatible with various packaging materials, including polyethylene and polypropylene
  • Versatile applications in food packaging, industrial products, and more
  • Easy-to-use impulse sealer with intuitive controls
  • Requires minimal maintenance for hassle-free operation
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance
  • Trustworthy source for high-quality impulse sealers
  • Enhances packaging efficiency and product security
  • Delivers consistent sealing results for reliable packaging

Creating an air-tight, leak-proof, tamper-proof, and water-resistant seal is so much simpler with a Magnetic Hold Impulse Sealer. Designed for maximum efficiency, this bag heat sealer lets you pre-set the heating and cooling times for consistent seals and also some models feature a built-in blade to let you cut off excess plastic for a clean look. 

Simple, convenient design

The Magnetic Hold Impulse Sealer uses an electric current to instantly heat up and melt the plastic material. Featuring a built-in electromagnet that activates when the sealing arm is lowered and ensures the arm stays down until the process is complete for a clean, perfect seal. 

Extremely versatile

Our impulse sealers are compatible with a wide range of materials apart from just Polyethylene and With the option of presetting the heating/cooling times, you can use this heat sealer to create variations in seals for different types of packaging. It also uses electricity only during the sealing process, so it is extremely economical too. 

A safer way to seal bags

Impulse sealers require no warm-up time and don’t remain hot after the sealing process, thereby reducing the chances of It only reaches high temperatures when the sealing arms are joined together, ensuring that the user does not get burned. 

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