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AIE (American International Electric INC.) is the leading manufacturer, developer, and supplier of quality vacuum sealers for industrial use worldwide. Our vacuum sealers are designed to meet the highest industry standards and manufactured in ISO-9001 certified facilities.

These industrial vacuum sealers are suitable for a wide range of industries such as food, medical, electronics, and more. They are designed to remove air and create an airtight seal, protecting your products from oxygen, moisture, and other external factors that could damage or contaminate them.

These vacuum sealers are equipped with high-quality vacuum pumps that provide reliable and consistent performance, ensuring optimal packaging results. They also feature durable stainless steel construction, making them rugged and long-lasting.

The AIE industrial vacuum sealers are designed to seal a variety of packaging materials, including aluminum foil, Mylar, and other heat-sealable materials, up to 8 mil thick. They also come with an emergency stop button, making them safe and easy to operate.

With the AIE industrial vacuum sealers, you can achieve a professional, airtight seal that extends the shelf life of your products, protects them during shipping and storage, and maintains their quality and freshness.

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