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These Biohazard Specimen Bags are made with extreme care and undergo strict quality testing to ensure maximum reliability, secure storage, and seamless transporting. These bags are made using resin material and feature convenient 3-ply checkboxes for easy processing and also include checkboxes for processing and 3-ply with an outer pouch for keeping your paperwork dry at all times. 

  • Extremely Reliable Quality: Similar to our premium bags, these biohazard transport bags are made using Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE). This ensures maximum durability from scratches, damages, and leakages of potentially biohazardous materials. 
  • Functional Design: Our biohazard specimen bags are created with a reinforced side zipper that effortlessly opens up to the convenient storage of This allows you to quickly transfer contents to and from the bags. The bags also feature a pre-printed biohazard symbol for easy recognition. 
  • Wide Range of Industries: Our biohazard transport bags are designed for research clinics, diagnostic centers, medical schools, and The incredible resilience and spill-proof design of these LDPE bags make them ideal for storing and transporting a wide range of biohazards including syringes, disease test kits, and more.

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