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Our line of Flexible Round Bottom Plastic Drum Liners are created for transport, storage and preservation of a wide range of granular items. Unlike regular plastic drum liners, our unique rounded bottom accommodates the contents and spreads out evenly along the edges and sides, leaving no room for air pockets, lumps and folds. This helps prevent wastage of space and reduces the chances of moisture buildup during long storage and transportation periods.

Not only do our FDA-approved drum liners offer superior storage ability, but they also create a strong barrier between the contents and the container (drum, pail), minimizing the need for constant cleaning and disinfecting. 

  • Prevents Cross-contamination: Our drum liners come in 4 mm gauges and different lengths, including 5 gallon, 16 gallon and 30 gallon options. The snug fit prevents cross-contamination between the drum and the contents, ensuring purity and hygiene.
  • Cost Effective: Drum liners allow you to regulate the pumping and optimize the consumption of products. Also, they minimize the human and time resources involved in manually cleaning the drums.
  • Easy on the Environment: It is hard to recycle drums due to the immense amount of product residue, especially if you store adhesives, paints or abrasives. Our drum liners solve this issue by ensuring drums are always clean and residue-free.
  • Minimal Wastage: Unlike directly storing inside drums, use of liners ensures that no granular particles are left behind or lodges in corners. The flexible liners also allow you to easily transfer or mix the contents without spillage or wastage.

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