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AIE (American International Electric INC.) is the leading manufacturer, developer and supplier of quality plastic bag and film sealing equipment worldwide. All sealers are manufactured in ISO-9001 Certified facilities.

Introducing a unique and highly efficient portable impulse sealer - the stainless steel two-handed bag sealer. With its innovative design, this sealer allows the user to hold the bag with both hands while sealing it rapidly with just one press. The sealer boasts a rust-proof stainless steel body and can make a strong 2mm or 5mm wide seal (wire changeable) on material up to 8 mil.

This versatile sealer enables users to package more products efficiently and quickly, making it an ideal choice for various packaging applications. The sealer is also easy to use and maintain, providing a hassle-free experience for the user. Get your hands on this game-changing bag sealer and elevate your packaging game to the next level.

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