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Our range of food-grade vacuum sealer bags offers the highest amount of protection from moisture, dehydration, vapor, mold, bacteria, and other external elements. With plenty of sizes to choose from, these bags offer many utilities in food production, retail, pharma, cosmetics, cold storage, and food processing industries. The 9–layer film is incredibly durable and can withstand high temperatures (cold and hot) and frequent movement, making them suitable for sealed food product packaging too.

  • Follows USDA/FDA Standards: Designed to store fresh foods, dried meats, veggies, dehydrated sauces, powders, cheeses, yogurts, and ready-to-eat foods, our Vacuum Sealer Bags are made using food-grade poly-nylon film. They also provide some of the best moisture transmission rates (less than 5 g/sq. m) and oxygen transmission rates (less than 45 cc/sq. m) in the industry.
  • Preserves and Prevents Wastage: Vacuum sealer bags can increase the storage life of foods by up to 5 times longer than traditional zip bags or containers. The sealer bags lock in the aroma, flavor, freshness, and nutrients of the food while preventing contamination, dehydration, chemical reaction, or freezer burns.
  • Commercial Grade Bags: Our Vacuum sealer bags are made using 9-layer co-extruded poly-nylon film and come in 3 Mil thickness and a wide range of sizes from 5 x 7 x 3 inches to 18 x 28 x 3 inches. And not just food, these sealer bags are perfect for preserving other items like documents, photographs, silverware, linens, jewelry, and more.


  • 9-Layer Co-Extruded Poly-Nylon (PA/PE)
  • 20% Nylon
  • 1/4" Sealed Edge
  • 3 Mil
  • MTR < 5 g/sq. m
  • OTR < 45 cc/sq. m
  • Non-channeled for chambered vacuum sealers

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