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AIE (American International Electric INC.) is the leading manufacturer, developer and supplier of quality plastic bag and film sealing equipment worldwide. All sealers are manufactured in ISO-9001 Certified facilities.

These Impulse Type Foot Sealers are designed to make your job easier, with a foot pedal activator that frees up your hands so you can feed the machine with ease. This means that you can work faster and more efficiently, without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

To make things even more convenient, these Impulse Type Foot Sealers come complete with a pedestal, stand, adjustable worktable, and adjustable foot pedal. This means that you can customize the machine to suit your specific needs and work with ease and comfort.

We understand that durability is key, and that's why these sealers are built to last. With superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, AIE uses only the highest quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure that every sealer we produce meets the highest standards of quality and durability.

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