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This static shielding bag is designed for the protection of highly sensitive electronic components from static charges.

The static shielding bag we offer is designed to safeguard highly sensitive electronic components against static charges.

Crafted with a three-layer construction using anti-static materials, this bag provides complete Faraday Cage protection while also allowing easy visibility of its contents. The bag's conductive aluminum shield layer is sandwiched between two static dissipative polymeric plastic layers, ensuring full protection against both internal and external static charges. Its robust 3 mil thickness guarantees durability, and its 50% transparency allows for easy product identification. Moreover, it is completely free from amines, amides or N-Octanic acid, making it safe for use with polycarbonate surfaces.

Each bag is stamped with a yellow notice that emphasizes its static shielding properties, adding an extra layer of caution when handling sensitive electronic components.

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