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Introducing our Premium Pipe Handle Stretch Wrap - the ultimate solution for securing your products and ensuring their safe delivery. This high-quality stretch wrap is designed to provide maximum load-holding force with a minimum amount of film usage.

Our premium pipe handle stretch wrap offers a high level of stretch, which makes it easier to use and provides greater load-holding power. It is a down-grade from higher gauge films, offering a 7-15% lower cost per foot basis, depending on the gauge being replaced.

Down Grade from Higher Gauge Films with Premium Grade!

  • High level of stretch
  • The enhanced strength and stretch characteristics mean minimum film usage while providing maximum load-holding on less demanding loads.
  • Easier to use, 7-15% lower cost on per foot basis depending on the gauge being replaced
  • Less film required to secure the pallet.
  • Greater load holding force

Not only is this stretch wrap economical and efficient, but it also leaves no residue on your products and is ultra-clear, allowing for bar codes and other important information to be easily read under the film. Say goodbye to the hassle of strapping or tape, and switch to our premium pipe handle stretch wrap for a hassle-free, cost-effective solution to your packaging needs.

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