Plastic Mattress Storage Bags

Our mattress storage bags are specifically designed to provide maximum protection and convenience. Whether you're moving to a new home, storing your mattress for a long period, or simply need a temporary solution, our bags are the perfect choice. With our top-notch plastic mattress bags, you can keep your mattress clean, dry, and free from dust, dirt, and moisture.

We take pride in offering a variety of mattress storage bags to suit different mattress sizes and thicknesses. Our heavy-duty mattress bags are made from sturdy materials that can withstand the rigors of handling and transportation. They provide an extra layer of protection to ensure your mattress remains in pristine condition throughout the process.

  • Premium protection for your mattresses: Our Plastic Mattress Bags are designed to provide top-notch protection for expensive mattresses during selling, storing, or transportation. They effectively shield against moisture, dust, insects, and allergens, ensuring that your mattresses remain clean and safe to use. The clear design allows for easy inspection as well.

  • Convenient and efficient loading: We understand the importance of convenience, which is why our mattress storage bags are thoughtfully designed for quick dispensing and loading. They come on easy-to-use rolls with perforations between each bag, allowing for effortless dispensing. The bags are vented and gusseted, making them easy to load and ensuring a neat fit.

  • Versatile sizes and options: We offer a wide selection of mattress storage bags and disposal bags in various dimensions to accommodate different mattress sizes. Whether it's standard or pillow-top mattresses, we have the right plastic thickness and bag type to suit your specific needs. Choose our Mattress Bags to offer your customers the best possible protection for their mattresses.

    The Strongest Poly Bags on the Market


    Every Poly Bag is designed with the same integrity benefits and puncture strength as our other plastic bag products, providing three times the penetration strength and double the load-bearing strength versus similar competitor bags, making our Polyethylene Bags the perfect choice.

    Clear Plastic Bag Made in the USA


    Warehouse Locations

    • Atlanta, GA
    • Dallas, TX
    • Sterling, MA
    • Manchester, IA
    • Sparks, NV

    Choosing the Right Mil Thickness

    • 1 MIL - Economical short term storage.
    • 1.5 MIL - Lightweight protection from dirt and moisture.
    • 2 MIL - Protection for shipping and storage.
    • 3 MIL - Additional protection for hardware, nuts, bolts and industrial parts.
    • 4 MIL - Heavy duty protection when packaging nails, screws & heavy metal parts.
    • 6 MIL - Extra heavy duty protection against punctures and tears on bulky items or items with sharp corners.

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