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Our cast hand pallet wrap is made using the cast extrusion process, making it a more popular option due to its low cost and exceptional stretch recovery properties. It requires less force to stretch and unwinds quietly, making it an ideal choice for hand wrapping applications. With superior clarity, it's easy to see what's on the wrapped pallet, and its high tear-resistance ensures that your load stays secured during transportation.

  • Cast film provides excellent pre-stretch, quiet unwind and ultra clear optics. A popular choice for
  • most wrapping applications.
  • Film stretches up to 250%.
  • Ultra clear film makes bar codes and other important information easy to read.
  • Great for use on uniform loads.

Whether you're wrapping irregular loads or stabilizing heavy products, our cast hand pallet wrap is an excellent choice. It's suitable for use in temperatures as low as -5 F, so you can rest assured that your loads will stay securely wrapped no matter the weather.

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