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Our rolls are made from high-quality, durable polypropylene material that is moisture, grease, and vapor-resistant, providing superior protection for your products. Additionally, our rolls meet the rigorous FDA and USDA specifications for food contact, ensuring that your products remain safe and uncontaminated.

Our Color Cello/Polypropylene Rolls come in a variety of bright colors that will get your product noticed. The high clarity of our polypropylene material ensures that your products are prominently displayed and easily visible to your customers.

These rolls of Polypropylene add a beautiful accent to your packaging. Cut to your own custom length. Perfect for wrapping baskets, gifts or flowers.

  • Bright colors gets your product noticed
  • Moisture, grease and vapor resistant
  • Meets FDA and USDA specifications for food contact
  • Continuous roll of high clarity Polypropylene

Our rolls are versatile and can be cut to any custom length to fit your specific packaging needs. They're perfect for wrapping baskets, gifts, flowers, and more. Our rolls are a cost-effective solution compared to pre-made bags, allowing you to create custom-sized packaging without the added cost of excess material. They come in a continuous roll, making it easy to dispense and cut to the length you need.

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