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Plastic Bag Partners is your trusted destination for high-quality anti-static bubble bags with dissipative properties. Our collection features a wide range of bubble bags specifically designed to provide superior protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and ensure the safety of your sensitive electronic components. 

  • Features reclosable top to secure electronics for packaging and shipping.
  • Reduces a 5000 volt charge to under 500 volts in less than two seconds.
  • Inner cellular cushioning absorbs shocks and dampens vibrations.
  • Made of multi-wall construction
  • Double track zip closures.
  • Meets or exceeds EIA 541 standards.
  • Polycarbonate compatible

Anti-Static Bubble Bags: Preserve the Integrity of Your Electronics

Our anti-static bubble bags are engineered with precision to safeguard your valuable electronics during storage, shipping, and handling. With their anti-static properties, these bags effectively dissipate static charges, minimizing the risk of ESD and potential damage to your sensitive components. The bubble wrap cushioning inside the bags provides an additional layer of protection, keeping your items safe from shocks and impacts.

Dissipative Bubble Bags: Reliable ESD Protection

Our dissipative bubble bags are specially designed with dissipative properties to offer a controlled path for static charges to dissipate. This ensures that your electronic components remain safe from static buildup, providing reliable ESD protection. The dissipative material used in the bags provides a consistent and safe environment for your sensitive items.

ESD Bubble Bags: Secure Packaging Solutions

With our ESD bubble bags, you can trust that your electronics are well-protected. These bags are specifically engineered to meet the highest standards of ESD protection, ensuring that your components are shielded from electrostatic discharge. The bubble cushioning provides excellent shock absorption, preventing damage caused by impacts or vibrations during transit.

Our Anti-Static Bubble Bags meet or exceed EIA 541 standards, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability. They are also polycarbonate compatible, making them safe for use with polycarbonate surfaces. Choose our Anti-Static Bubble Bags for superior protection and peace of mind.

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