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Anti-Static Bubble Bags feature two layers of anti static dissipative bubble cushioning.

Our Anti-Static Bubble Bags are designed to provide superior protection for your sensitive electronics during packaging and shipping. The two layers of anti-static dissipative bubble cushioning reduce a 5000-volt charge to under 500 volts in less than two seconds, ensuring the safe transport of your components.

The multi-wall construction and inner cellular cushioning of the bag absorb shocks and dampen vibrations, minimizing the risk of damage during transit. The reclosable top and double-track zip closures provide easy access and secure closure of your components.

  • Features reclosable top to secure electronics for packaging and shipping.
  • Reduces a 5000 volt charge to under 500 volts in less than two seconds.
  • Inner cellular cushioning absorbs shocks and dampens vibrations.
  • Made of multi-wall construction
  • Double track zip closures.
  • Meets or exceeds EIA 541 standards.
  • Polycarbonate compatible

Our Anti-Static Bubble Bags meet or exceed EIA 541 standards, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability. They are also polycarbonate compatible, making them safe for use with polycarbonate surfaces. Choose our Anti-Static Bubble Bags for superior protection and peace of mind.

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