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If you're looking for a robust and durable solution to keep your products secure during transportation, look no further than our Blown Machine Stretch Wrap. Our high-quality stretch film is made using an extrusion process that provides a premium level of performance for securing your products to pallets.

With its superior stretch recovery, the Blown Machine Stretch Wrap can provide a tight, secure hold that can withstand even the most challenging of loads. Its high resistance to punctures and tears ensures your products will be protected from damage during transit. This makes it an ideal choice for shipping irregular or odd-shaped items, such as furniture, pipes, or large machinery.

  • Film provides excellent cling to itself, not to products.
  • Superior stabilization on loads.
  • Performs in temperatures down to -5 F.
  • For use on all stretch film equipment.
  • Available by the roll.

Designed to work well with automatic wrapping machines, making it a popular choice for businesses that need to wrap large numbers of pallets efficiently.

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