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AIE (American International Electric INC.) is the leading manufacturer, developer and supplier of quality plastic bag and film sealing equipment worldwide. All sealers are manufactured in ISO-9001 Certified facilities.

The Upper Jaw Impulse Foot Sealer (FIU models) is designed with the sealing element on the upper seal jaw and the silicon rubber on the lower seal jaw, allowing for a clean and secure 10mm seal on plastic materials. This design keeps the sealing element above the product, making it ideal for sealing liquids or products with high moisture content.

Crafted from high-quality materials and manufactured in ISO-9001 Certified facilities, this Impulse Foot Sealer is the perfect solution for packaging meat, fish, and other products that require a reliable and efficient sealing process. With its easy-to-use foot pedal and durable construction, you can be sure that your products will be securely sealed every time.

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