6 mil Reclosable Resealable Poly Bags - 6 x 8

6 mil Reclosable Poly Bags - 6 x 8 - Plastic Bag Partners-Reclosable Bags - Standard

6 mil Reclosable Resealable Poly Bags - 6 x 8

Regular Price $49.95
Bag Type : Reclosable Bags - Standard

Width: 6 in.
Length: 8 in.
Gauge: 6 Mil
Packed: 500/case

SKU: 3815A
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Reclosable Bags - Standard

Our Standard Reclosable Plastic Bags are ideal for anyone looking for secure packaging for storing their supplies and shipping them. The single-channel zipper locks the bags, sealing them from all external elements. The reclosable feature offers easy access to the contents of the bag and allows you to store them without having to staple or heat seal them. Just unseal the zipper and reclose it. Perfect for standard home and office use, these clear plastic resealable bags are also great additions for storing components like cables, instruction manuals, parts, toolkits, etc, in shipments and product packages.

Key Features:

  • Resealable Convenience: The single-channel zipper lock ensures your contents are securely sealed and protected from external elements. No need for staples or heat sealing.
  • Versatile Use: Our clear plastic resealable bags are perfect for shipping components such as cables, instruction manuals, parts, toolkits, and more.
  • Food-Safe: Made from 100% virgin Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resin, these bags are free from toxic dyes and chemicals that the FDA/USDA has deemed harmful, making them a safe choice for storing food and other items.

When it comes to resealable plastic bags, reclosable plastic bags, and resealable poly bags, our products are the top choice for quality, strength, and convenience. Make the smart choice for your packaging needs – choose our resealable plastic bags.


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Customer Reviews

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Roderick Ford
purchasing 6 mil poly recloseable bags

The product is excellent finding reasonable quantities for the average diy person is terrible. It would be nice for the average person to be able to purchase the 6 mil recloseable poly bags in quantities that are reasonable for personal use. Say 100 pieces at reasonable prices. The product is very durable and useful for organizing heavy duty parts for long time storage.

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