Anti-Static Reclosable ESD Bubble Bags. 10 x 12 - Static Shielding

Anti-Static Ziploc Bubble Bags. 10 x 12 - Static Shielding - Plastic Bag Partners-Anti-Static - Bubble

Anti-Static Reclosable ESD Bubble Bags. 10 x 12 - Static Shielding

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Bag Type : Anti-Static - Bubble

Width: 10 in.
Length: 12 in.
Gauge: 3 Mil
Packed: 200/case

SKU: IP-SP77-1012
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Anti-Static - Bubble

Protect your delicate electronic components with our Anti-Static Reclosable Bubble Bags - . Designed with both anti-static and static shielding properties, these reclosable bubble bags provide superior protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and static-related risks.

Anti-Static Reclosable Bubble Bags: Secure and Protect

Our Anti-Static Ziploc Bubble Bags offer a secure and convenient solution for safeguarding your sensitive electronics. The combination of anti-static properties and the bubble cushioning inside the bags ensures reliable protection against static charges, shocks, and impacts. With the convenient Ziploc closure, you can easily access your components while keeping them safe.

Anti-Static Bubble Bags feature inner liner with an Amine-free static dissipative cellular bubble cushioning.

  • Features reclosable top to secure electronics for packaging and shipping.
  • Coated with metalized ESD shielding layer of film
  • Inner cellular cushioning absorbs shocks and dampens vibrations.
  • Yellow caution label warning contents are subject to Static Electricity damage
  • Double track static dissipative zipper closure.
  • Highly reusable and durable

Static Shielding Properties: Comprehensive ESD Protection

These bubble bags feature static shielding properties, creating a protective barrier against electrostatic fields. The specialized materials used in the bags effectively prevent static charges from reaching your valuable electronics, offering comprehensive ESD protection. Trust in the static shielding capabilities of our Ziploc bubble bags to maintain the integrity of your components.

Durable and Versatile Design

Crafted with durability in mind, our Anti-Static Ziploc Bubble Bags are made from high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of handling, shipping, and storage. Ideal for various electronic components, small devices, or circuit boards. The bubble cushioning adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring your items remain secure during transit.

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