Rolls of Plastic Film & Poly Sheeting

Are you in need of high-quality poly film sheeting for your industrial, commercial, or residential needs? Look no further than Plastic Bag Partners. We are a leading supplier of plastic sheeting, offering a wide range of options to meet your specific requirements.

  • Poly Film Sheeting: Versatile Solutions for Various Applications. At Plastic Bag Partners, we understand the diverse applications of poly film sheeting. Whether you require a roll of plastic sheeting, polythene sheeting, clear plastic sheeting, or black plastic sheeting, we have you covered. Our poly film sheeting is engineered to deliver exceptional performance and durability, making it ideal for numerous industries such as construction, agriculture, landscaping, and more.
  • Roll of Plastic Sheeting: Superior Quality and Reliability. When it comes to selecting the right roll of plastic sheeting, quality matters. Our poly film sheeting is manufactured using the finest materials, ensuring superior strength and resistance to tearing and punctures. Whether you need to protect surfaces, contain debris, or create moisture barriers, our poly film sheeting provides the reliable protection you need.
  • Clear Plastic Sheeting: Transparency and Clarity. For applications that require transparency and clarity, our clear plastic sheeting is the perfect choice. It offers excellent visibility while providing a protective barrier against dust, moisture, and other elements. Our clear poly film sheeting is widely used in construction projects, greenhouse applications, and painting projects where maintaining visibility is crucial.
  • Black Plastic Sheeting: Light Control and Versatility. When light control is essential, our black plastic sheeting offers the solution you need. It effectively blocks out light, making it ideal for light-sensitive applications such as photography studios, gardening, and weed control. Our black poly film sheeting is UV-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance even in outdoor environments.
The Strongest Poly Bags on the Market


Every Poly Bag is designed with the same integrity benefits and puncture strength as our other plastic bag products, providing three times the penetration strength and double the load-bearing strength versus similar competitor bags, making our Polyethylene Bags the perfect choice.

Clear Plastic Bag Made in the USA


Warehouse Locations

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Dallas, TX
  • Sterling, MA
  • Manchester, IA
  • Sparks, NV

Choosing the Right Mil Thickness

  • 1 MIL - Economical short term storage.
  • 1.5 MIL - Lightweight protection from dirt and moisture.
  • 2 MIL - Protection for shipping and storage.
  • 3 MIL - Additional protection for hardware, nuts, bolts and industrial parts.
  • 4 MIL - Heavy duty protection when packaging nails, screws & heavy metal parts.
  • 6 MIL - Extra heavy duty protection against punctures and tears on bulky items or items with sharp corners.

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