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Prompt service!

They're terrific!

This is my second order of the 3 Gallon Natur-Bag (Food Scrap Compostable Bags. The small boxes of bags I've bought in the past at the local grocery store "don't hold a candle to" the cost and quality of these bags. They're very inexpensive by comparison and are a great quality product. I'm very grateful to have found them!

Tina's German Kitchen

These bread bags work well. For fresh bread, the bags should have breathing holes. That is what we were looking for. But we are satisfied with the product.

Excellent bags

We need clear bags and this type of bags fit our artworks perfectly. The bags are strong and manufactured with durability. We will purchase again when we have low quantity left. We wish they have the clear 19-x-10-x-12, instead of just the solid white. Otherwise, we will buy these clear one as well. (The box package was heavy. So, expect a little bit high shipping and handling cost.)

Pallet covers

Great black pallet covers Second time I have used this company. Quick delivery

Bag it

Better than any doggie bag!

Sturdy and strong

We got these bags to use in our compost bin after a popular brand just didn’t hold up. These are strong and just the right size to accommodate our countertop bin. So happy we found these great bags!

6 mil Reclosable Poly Bags - 9 x 12

Always Dependable

I use these bags in my caricature business, and I rely on their construction to protect my work. Add in that the delivery is always prompt and communications are well done, and you have an award winning company, Kudos.

Good local company

They provide good products at a fair price and are easy to deal with.


Due to Covid-19 concerns, grocery stores will no longer fill (or help with) used bags brought from home. So my house is filling up with unrecyclable plastic bags :-(

I asked my local Grocery Outlet if I could bring in my own new grocery bags, and ask the checkout staff to fill them instead. They agreed.

So I searched online for compostable grocery bags and found these Natur-Bag 18.5" x 21" Compostable Shoppers. They appeared affordable and large enough. I was only concerned (from their mere 0.9 mils of thickness) that they wouldn't be strong enough to be single-bagged, but I bought a box of 500 for an experiment. When they arrived I was delighted.

Today the store staff used 19 of them, single-bagged. WOW! They are incredibly strong! This is a complete success. The used bags are super useful around the house, and when I finally throw them away I won't feel guilty. I will encourage the store manager to offer them to other shoppers.

Thank you!

13" x 8" x 23" - "The Big Bag" Shopping Bags


This company provides what I needed when I needed and the shipping was quick too

I absolutely love these bag!!!

I use these bags because I sell glitter to tumbler makers. I was using a single track for a while and have been looking for a double track for months now! I’m so glad I found these, I will definitely be sticking with this company from now on.

Great Bags ... for just about anything, anytime, anywhere

I love these bags, they are really good bags that we can utilize on all of our projects.

Super Gloss Die Cut Handle Bags. - 15 x 18 x 4 - (Dark Green)

Nice price for large volume

I really like the bags but in my mind I thought they were folded at the bottom vs a crimp seal at the bottom. Not a big deal but know that is how they are. Backs are separated into bundles of 100. Very happy with purchase and will buy again within a few months!

Good choice!

I purchased these to be used for litter scooping at a cat rescue center. The size is perfect for handling the weight from 15+ very big litter boxes. Unfortunately, the cost of the bags and shipping is prohibitive, as we go through bags rather quickly. But they will be a nice, albeit occasional, convenience for the volunteers.

purchasing 6 mil poly recloseable bags

The product is excellent finding reasonable quantities for the average diy person is terrible. It would be nice for the average person to be able to purchase the 6 mil recloseable poly bags in quantities that are reasonable for personal use. Say 100 pieces at reasonable prices. The product is very durable and useful for organizing heavy duty parts for long time storage.

Review of Biodegradable Bags

So far so good. I think I may invest in more.

Biodegradable lawn bags

The bags are stronger than I expected, which is a relief. They
are transparent and appear very thin but are as sturdy as
the more common bags.


Products as expected and on time!

Best Bags

These are the best I have found. Sturdy enough to contain lots of moist material. Never breaks on the way to the big green bin.

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