Translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: Clear Pallet Covers Rolls 1.5 mil

These pallet covers are versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, from covering bulk packages to safe-sealing your items in the warehouse or storage. They are designed for easy dispensing, with perforations between the bags, making it quick and simple to dispense and use.

Our pallet covers are a cost-effective, versatile, and reliable solution for protecting your items during storage, shipping, and transit. With a strong and durable construction, eco-friendly materials, and customizable options, our pallet covers are the perfect choice for any business looking to improve their packaging and shipping operations.

  • Wide Range of Uses: Ideal for covering bulk packages, protecting items in storage or the warehouse, and keeping your items safe from external elements like pollution, humidity and dust.

  • Perforated Bags: Designed for easy dispensing with perforations between the bags, making it easy to fill, seal, pack, and ship your items.

  • Strongest in the market: With 3 times stronger impact strength and 2 times stronger tensile strength compared to traditional low-density bags, these clear flat poly bags can carry heavier loads without the worry of transit damage or tears.

  • Top-quality: Made of 100% virgin LDPE resin that meets FDA/USDA specifications, these pallet covers adhere to strict quality control measures and offer consistent quality with every batch.

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